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"Why bother with model rocketry and remote control airplanes when you can control your own flying… fish? Let's just get this straight: these things are cool. They actually float through the air with a very fish-like motion that you just have to see to believe" - Wired
"…I like the idea of a remote control blimp. I also love the idea of making it in the form of a fish…It probably would have been easy to create propellers on this to make it move it in the air. I’m sure it was probably harder to make the tail move on this guy so the fish can 'swim' in the air." - Coolest-Gadgets
"This has got to be one of the coolest toys that we have seen in years, honestly just wait until you see a big shark or giant goldfish floating through your living room.
The Air Swimmers are giant helium filled ballon type toys that are made from a much stronger durable nylon material so that they are so much stronger than any balloon." - Kids Toys Reviews
"Would you buy a toy fish that flew in the air wagging its tail as if it were swimming? If you answered yes, then check this out: it’s called Air Swimmers… From the video you can see it looks pretty cool and the 'swimming' doesn’t look too bad either." - Tech Crunch
"Sharks and Blimps, today is our lucky day! We all love sharks (when we’re not in the water with them) and blimps are one of the coolest indoor party toys around. So when air swimmers combined them to give us the Air Swimmers Shark RC Blimp, we knew it would be a big hit." - Geek Alerts
"Air Swimmers, a line of toy balloons that was tipped by Toys 'R' Us and Hamleys as a must have this holiday season, took the video streaming service YouTube by storm last week. The YouTube video clip shows the mesmerizing clownfish and shark floating through the air spread online instantly and became a big hit. In just five days, the Air Swimmers video clip received a whopping 2, 125, 609 views." - Gadgets and Gizmos
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